Protection of Shared Wealth Created  by Local Communities from taking Capital Flight

Digital Disruption, Digitalisation and Formalization of Economies are here to stay. As a result or as byproducts of the same, there is Capital Flight, Centralizing Tendencies for Production, Procurement and Distribution. Bringing in its wake is Shrinking Opportunities for Toiling Laborers, Self Employed, Marginal Traders, Marginal Farmers, both the existing and would be Micro and Small Entrepreneurs. Financial Exclusion, Getting Poorer by the Day, Shrinking Public Spaces (Both Physical and Social) etc… will be the new norm. Though it may appear from the outside as Economically and Politically Correct, from the inside they are turning out to be Environmentally Disastrous and Socially Devastating. Communities need to collectively face it, help each other in finding sustainable Solutions. Neither any Saint/Savior Nor any new Economic Idea is in sight. Each Community member has to rise up to act as Saint/Savior. Communities have to collectively Think and Act.


Mithranjali® foundation aims to bring in Common Prosperity by Shared Wealth Creation by Decentralized Problem Identification, Ideation, Innovation, Implementation and Monitoring by Local Communities with the application of Design Thinking Processes. Based on “Asset Zero Model” it envisions a rules-based, hyper-scalable, and loosely-coupled communities working towards a Socially Cohesive Nation. The Cooperative, Non-Cartelizing and Sustainable SelfHelpGroup @Population scale is assisted for competing Fair Price Discovery for their Products/Services by the adoption of Friction-less Network of Digital Platforms.

It envisages a Win-Win-Win-Win situation for all the stakeholders namely Citizens, Government, Vendors and the Environment. Citizens are educated, enabled and empowered by the collective knowledge building and advancement resulting in rules complying with citizens contributing to the Social Capital Building. The Government is benefited by way of Formalization of Commerce and Tax Collection for Nation Building. The small Vendors gain access to the Platform with No Entry Barrier. By the adoption of the policy of Conserve, Nurture and Regenerate in the processes, the Environment is also protected.

These four fold activities acting in unison is Circular and Regenerative and can lead to a Virtuous Cycle.


A Well Oiled and Maintained Machinery by the Local Communities


Local Communities Turning the Local Trade Wheel


To be the Largest Collective to bring in Common Prosperity by Shared Wealth Creation based on Associative Evidence.


Our mission is to create a friendly and conducive environment for "Ease of Doing Business" thereby "Ease of Living" for Local Communities by associating with Self Help Groups, Micro Vendors, MSEs,  FPOs(Farmer Producer Organization, References: One Two Three ) and Businesses for United Living at National level. The communities are encouraged to adopt Evidence based Trusting, Caring, Helping, Saving and Sharing among them. They are also encouraged to Cross Holding of Shares among MSMEs, registered Private and Public Limited Companies to foster Financial Inclusion of Weaker among us.


1. To Offer an Ultra Low Cost, High Quality, Most Modern Hyper Scalable Technology Platform such as e-Marketplace along with any other conceivable and imagined Online Aggregator Services to promote Goods and Services of the Local Communities with No Entry Barrier on a sustainable basis.

2. To Offer an Ultra Low Cost, Most Modern Technology Platform for Digital Financial Inclusion of  the Weaker and Vulnerable among us in the Society by offering Micro Credit in a Virtuously Circular Mode with No Flight of their Capital or Wealth created in the Process and ensure the benefits of their Toils are accrued back to them by allowing the Power of Compounding to Operate using a fully Decentrally Managed and Monitored System by SHG Women and Community Committees.

3. To Develop a Market Support Ecosystem for Labor Intensive Products and Services by Artisans, Handicrafts, Weavers, SHGs, MSEs etc..

4. To Create a Glide-Path with Safety Net for Micro Entrepreneurs so as to keep them motivated to take risks in Job Creation and Shared Wealth Creation by assuring Local Market for the Goods and Services they Produce.

5. To Create Shared Local and National Circular Economies to Boost Internal Trade by creating a Conducive Environment that eventually helps each other in Nation Building and in Ease of Living.

6. To assist the Communities to get Organized and be part of the Formal Economy so as to qualify for Schemes and Facilities initiated by Central, State and Local Governments similar to Businesses in the Formal Sector enjoy such as for example Training, Credit, Access to Shared Resources in the Industrial Clusters etc...

7. To Promote Voluntary Social Services such as and not limited to Training, Cleaning and Greening, by various Social Groups such as Students, Women, Resident Associations, Arts, Sports, Cultural, Literary Clubs, Libraries, and such Associations etc.


To Work towards achieving the following goals within the shortest possible time from the Commencement of Operations.

1. To align all Operations in Compliance with ISO Standard Practices namely ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 22000:2018 that are relevant to the Services being planned.

2. To Pursue and achieve 100% Eco Friendly Practices to use Reusable, Recyclable, Fast Biodegradable Packaging Materials.

3. To Pursue and achieve 100% of deliveries through Bicycle, Tricycle, e-Bicycle, e-Scooter, e-Light Commercial Vehicle etc... (In the Queue System Bicycle/Tricycle, e-Vehicles, IC Vehicles get the priority in that Order till full phasing out of IC Vehicles).

4. To be the Largest Collective to pay Tax towards Nation Building.

5. To be the Gold Standard Model for Governance.

6. To use the power of Digital Payments' Ripple Effect, for Accelerating Local Economic Activities in Circulating Modes, to be Regenerative, Welfare Centric and Tax Contributing with the absence of Bottomless Pit Effect and Capital/Wealth Flight from Local Communities so as to create a Virtuous Cycle.

Some other Salient Features of the Foundation:

Mithranjali® foundation is a Nano Organisation in Size, taking Baby Steps with a stretchable Square Nanometer Canvas created and kept ready for the Communities to Imagine Big, stretch it Big and draw Big.

Mithranjali® foundation is a 100% Rules-Based, 100% Rules-Complying, Educating, Enabling, Empowering, Inclusive, Not for Profit Open Organization registered as a Section 8 Company.

It operates under the Full Glare of the Sun allowing Full Light and Fresh Air to Flow such that, the Sun Light Acts as a Disinfectant and Fresh Air purifies the Atmosphere with Focus on Local Digital Trade and Digital Financial Inclusion.

This will promote Welfare for the Citizens, Formalization of Trade and Tax Collection for the Governments and help contribute towards Nation building and in Ease of Living.

Mithranjali® foundation with wholehearted participation from Local Communities aims to create a Sustainable Local Circular Social Economy that leads to a Virtuous Circle by promoting and contributing to Nation's Vision of Thriving Local and National Internal Trade.

This lead to more and more Economic activities, which can also enhance External Trade as the Local Communities become acquainted with the Tech Platforms, achieving Quality in Production and Services, by following various Standard Procedures in compliance with the Laws of the Land etc...

Mithranjali® Foundation does not aim to solicit donations from communities. The goal is to attain self-sustainability through wholehearted participation and cooperation from local communities in Local Commerce.

Any assistance required at any point in time in an Emergency will be requested to the Governments, it's Institutions and Community Forums and will be limited by urging to increase Buy and Sell through the Platforms at affected Localities. This is the guiding Principle that Mithranjali® foundation loves to Disseminate and keep as a Promise.

Mithranjali® foundation and it's Associates will always be Apolitical and Irreligious in matters of Governance and Interaction with Community Members and any Institutions for that matter.


asset zero

The Asset Zero Model

The "Asset Zero Model," also referred to as the "Zero Burden to the Citizens Model," signifies that the Foundation will avoid creating any assets that would burden the communities or citizens it serves. It aims to minimize the request for donations from citizens as much as possible. However, to bolster the ecosystem until it achieves self-sufficiency, support will be sought through established institutional channels, always adhering to the due diligence standards set by such sponsoring institutions.

So What is the "Asset Zero" Model and its Definition ? Where the Foundation will never Own any Movable or Immovable Assets. Or for that matter the directors do not accept Money in the form of any Remuneration such as Salary or Honorarium or anything in Kind. Zero CTC to the Foundation for Directors. All efforts are 100% Voluntary. The same will also be applicable to any future Directors joining in their individual Capacity or representing any Organizations/Associations including from the Government. This is to keep the Purity and Sanctity of the Foundation and to meet its Objectives without any Dilution. The intended beneficiaries of the e-Marketplaces and Aggregation Services are Consumers, Individuals, Artisans, Weavers, SHGs, New, Young and existing Entrepreneurs, Start ups, MSMEs, Local Communities, Coordinators and the Governments through Tax as the Platforms being 100% Rules-Based and 100% Rules-Complying giving no Room for Tax Evasion.

The Expenses of the Foundation are limited to Consumer Touch points, Digital Commerce Platforms, Statutory Compliance, Secretarial Services, Open Source Collaboration Platforms for Communities and their elected Committees, Business Promotion major spending for House to House Visits by Students and SHGs by digital payments redeemable with in the Ecosystem, and minor spending for Digital Campaign on Turn Basis/ Rotation Basis.

For all Outsourced third Party services there will be continuous exploration with the help from Communities for bringing down the expenses by receiving Discounted Pricing, such as Part Paid-Part Free or Voluntary Services waiving entire Fee etc... so as to keep the operational expenses at the lowest level to contain cost and to arrest cost escalation for the Consumers and to keep the entry barrier NIL for the MSEs.

So the questions that pop up are who will work for without Remuneration or Profit or Any financial Benefits. It is answered in the following Texts.

When Mithranjali® foundation follows the "Asset Zero Model" or as the "Cost Zero Center" the Associates (Coordinators) follow and unleash the "Elephant/Animal Spirit" in Businesses. They engage in sharing from Day one with Communities around them. It will be a Hyper Decentralized Model as far as Implementation and Execution are concerned. A 360 Degree Monitoring System is accessible to Social Auditors in Real-time. A three layered Model at State, District and Sub-district (Taluk/Tehsil) level with Business Acumen, Social Commitment, Environmental care exists with a willingness to disclose as much as possible to earn the trust of the Communities in their Catchment Area. They also ensure strict compliance with all Rules of the Land including e-Commerce Policies, Consumer Protection Policies, Data Protection Policies and all Direct and Indirect Tax Laws that are promulgated by the Central, State and Local Governments from time to time.


vocal for local

Vocal for Local

How Vocal for Local and committed the Local Consumers are, will decide the confidence level of existing and would be Young Entrepreneurs in identifying opportunities to produce locally. Preference by the Consumers for more Stars is the key. And that is the Confidence Booster  to the Entrepreneurs for increased appetite for taking Risks and Local Production. PLEDGE

Cross Holding of Shares


Rural FPOs Cross Holding Shares with Urban FPOs


The Wood Wide Web Effect of Cross Holding of  Shares

References: One  Two  Three

Cross holding of shares among MSMEs by New Young Entrepreneurs and existing Businesses, FPOs with a large number of Local Population including SHGs and Women and Men below the Poverty Line as shareholders can have a positive impact in building a sustainable environment created with Interdependency, Cooperation and Sharing of the Proceeds. Such arrangements can also help mitigate the risks taken by the Entrepreneurs as well to a greater extent.

Ripple effect

The Ripple Effect by e-RUPI as Honorarium. One Small Change can have an Enormous Impact with Multiplier Effect.





Black Box with Open Data Flow masking only Consumer Identities for Diligence Check.

BlackBox  OpenSystems  DataFlow

How to Trust Anyone without Actually Trusting Anyone ? It depends on the reliability of the Processes followed, the amount of Information put out as Disclosures and by the Trails of Transactions made available out in the Open for Public/Consumer Citizens' Scrutiny.

One of them is represented above. Leaving things out in the Open for Millions of Observing Pairs of Eyes of the Consumer Citizens and timely Alerts and Feedback for any Deviation can help maintain the Sanctity of the Ecosystem at all times.

Citizens' Data and what they Buy Tables, i.e.What and to whom a Vendor sells to in the Database will always be left Encrypted such that, even an Unethical Hacking will not compromise the Privacy of Consumer Citizens or usually guarded Unique Trade secrets by Vendors. Evidence of which is always accessible to Information Security Auditors authorized by Consumer Citizens' Forum.