Ideas that take birth in the minds of Community Members as Suggestions or Thoughts or Concepts can help get newer directions. Idea contributors will be given due attribution and felicitated at the Felicitation Page. Kindly send Your Ideas to ideas[at]mithranjali[dot]org[dot]in.


Feedback from the Community Members will keep any mistakes in check and help Course Correction thereby allowing for Serviceability, Agility, Sustainability and being Evergreen. Kindly send Your Feedback to feedback[at]mithranjali[dot]org[dot]in.


Having any query ? Kindly send your Queries to queries[at]mithranjali[dot]org[dot]in.

Touch Points

Other Touch Points like a Ticketing System that interface with TollFree Number, MobileApp, Web, Email, Local Personalised Contact Numbers and Physical Address for each Sub-District, Districts and State, Email Contacts such as  support[at]mithranjali[dot]org[dot]in and grievance[at]mithranjali[dot]org[dot]in will become operational when we go Live with any of the Services on the anvil. So are various Touch Points for Volunteering, Think Tank, Community Committees etc…