Noble Purpose


Note: This diagram is specific to the context of the state of Kerala.

Consumer Communities’ Forum. Organization Structure

Since Consumer Citizens are at the Center of the Design, they have the major say in matters, as without the Satisfaction of the Consumer Citizens, no one else sustains in the Ecosystem.

This Forum will soon be coming into being as the Necessary Technological Tools for Enrolling, Collaborating, Idea Sharing, Discussing, Voting etc… get ready.

Entry to Think Tank is Open to Domain Experts with Academic Qualifications such as PhDs and Experienced/Retired/Learned Veterans in their respective Fields that can help guide the Initiatives on the Platform and its Ecosystem so as to serve the Communities much better than being envisaged at any point in time.

They should be forward looking and always looking for an Unfinished Work- in-Progress by refining the Ideas put forward by Consumer Citizens and Releasing them as Actionable Documents.

All Ideas received, be it from an Individual, Group of Individuals, Associations, Organizations etc., if implemented after vetting by the Consumer Forum and Think Tank will be given Attribution on the Website and Wiki Page by Honoring and Felicitating.