Mithranjali Foundation is a Nano Organisation in Size, taking Baby Steps with a stretchable Square Nanometer Canvas created and kept ready for the Communities to Imagine Big, stretch it Big and draw Big.

Mithranjali Foundation is a 100% Rules-Based, 100% Rules-Complying, Educating, Enabling, Empowering, Inclusive, Not for Profit Open Organization registered as a Section 8 Company.

It operates under the Full Glare of the Sun allowing Full Light and Fresh Air to Flow such that, the Sun Light Acts as a Disinfectant and Fresh Air purifies the Atmosphere with Focus on Local Digital Trade and Digital Financial Inclusion.

This will promote Welfare for the Citizens, Formalization of Trade and Tax Collection for the Governments and help contribute towards Nation building and in Ease of Living.

Mithranjali Foundation with wholehearted participation from Local Communities aims to create a Sustainable Local Circular Social Economy that leads to a Virtuous Circle by promoting and contributing to Nation’s Vision of Thriving Local and National Internal Trade.

This lead to more and more Economic activities, which can also enhance External Trade as the Local Communities become acquainted with the Tech Platforms, achieving Quality in Production and Services, by following various Standard Procedures in compliance with the Laws of the Land etc…

Mithranjali Foundation will never be into any kind of Donation seeking mode. The design is to Self sustain with Cooperation by both Local Communities and Governments and it’s Institutions and wholehearted Participation from the Local Communities by engaging in Commerce.

Any assistance required at any point in time in an Emergency will be requested to the Governments, it’s Institutions and Community Forums and will be limited by urging to increase Buy and Sell through the Platforms at affected Localities. This is the guiding Principle that Mithranjali Foundation loves to Disseminate and keep as a Promise.

Mithranjali Foundation and it’s Associates will always be Apolitical and Irreligious in matters of Governance and Interaction with Community Members and any Institutions for that matter.